Legacy Live Session; Debut Single

On Friday June 29, I had my first ever headline show. I still can’t believe how surreal it felt to be on stage and feel so at home.

I’ll be releasing my first single called FOREVER in a few days and to commemorate that occasion, my team and I wanted a few key people and dear friends to hear it first. So, we organized a jam session, with a live band. I performed covers of popular songs while our guests snacked on chips and sodas and cheered us on.

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I’m a generous person, so I chose not to hog the stage. My good friend Jason Nkwain, poet and spoken word artist, took the stage to perform some of his works like Have You Ever Seen An African Dance.

T. Nayah; fellow singer/songwriter, blessed our audiences with a powerful rendition of Natural Woman (Aretha Franklin) among other songs.

We solicited the help of a world class band. For their simple love for music, they took on the challenge of learning the songs in a matter of days. Boy oh boy, did they deliver;

JaJa a Congolese acoustic guitarist played with the soul of an African musician, weaving such organic afro rhythms into the music, and everyone was left in awe of his talent.

That night, Kinobe assumed the role of bass guitarist, one of the many instruments he has mastered. Not only did he play to impress, he also brought this band together for the occasion.

Kinobe didn’t come alone. His brother Richard played the the acoustic drums that night and did so with such rhythmic beauty.

Julian was the star instrumentalist of the night, with his magical fingers on the keyboard. He was as versatile as every musician wants their pianist to be, weaving seamlessly from afro sounds to more western styles.

The drums were manned by a young drummer named Ogmend, who delivered a stellar performance after only a few hours of rehearsal, as he was a last minute addition to the band.

This group of amazing musicians did such a great job that some of our guests were moved take the stage themselves for some freestyle tunes.

Everyone loved it. It was a crowd of under 30 people and yet, the room felt electric. The new single will be released on July 29 2018, exactly 1 month after this show. If that night is anything to go by, then the reception of this single will be just as inspiring.



Halfway Progress Check

We’re half way through 2018 already! #timeflieswhenyourehavingfun

Here are 7 things I’ve learned so far;

  1. Set Goals.. I know this is cliché but for me, it’s been a slow realization. I used to let the chips fall where they may, go with the flow. Nope, that doesn’t work. Make a list, check off accomplishments one by one. It’s not only a great motivation, but also very satisfying.

  2. Be intentional.. Be it professionally, personally, with friends or family, be intentional about what you do. Make an effort where neccessary and let go of things or people who do not fit into your life. There’s peace waiting on the other side.

  3. Save money.. Well, I’m just really bad at this but I’m learning. Wealth is built they say.

  4. It’s not that serious.. I look a few years back and I laugh hysterically at the “worries” that kept me up at night. It really isn’t that serious and even if it is, “this too shall pass”. So live with hope for tomorrow’s sunrise.

  5. Do things that bring you joy.. This one’s easy to say but hard to do, yet absolutely critical to a healthy state of mind. Find time to invest in your own happiness. You’ll be glad you did.

  6. Be patient.. I’m prone (as I’m sure many of us are) to comparing our growth and success with others. This is destructive because it oftentimes is demoralizing. Appreciate your process and know that you shine just as brightly, in your own right.

  7. You’re not in control.. As much as we want to plan and orchestrate and perfect our lives, we don’t own our lives. God does. So follow His lead, and let Him work for your good.

Don’t Cheat Yourself!

Most of us spend an awful lot of time, pondering what fulfillment in life means. Usually, it is a bland routine we have come to endearingly hate. Our lives are spent wishing we could be living life to our fullest potential, yet we stay in draining jobs, living miserably, constantly in anticipation for the next vacation.

Still, we fiercely protect this routine. If asked to answer the call in our hearts, next month’s rent immediately becomes our primary focus. Better to give our skills for the advancement of someone else’s vision, than give any attention to our own desires and goals.

My intention is not to undermine the value of stability. Yes, shelter and food are important for survival. The question becomes; do these needs render us petrified to listen to our own callings?

It is true that not every path is the same. Perfectly content employees do exist. They create fulfilling lives for themselves in service to others. It is equally clear that success is not measured by the size of one’s staff, wealth or ego. Success is measured by the joy our lives bring for us and others.

Therefore, evaluate yourselves by asking the right questions and examining your life honestly. Are you living your purpose? If the answer is yes, then bravo! If the answer is no, you are faced with a few choices.

Steve Harvey says at a given point in one’s life, we face a cliff. That cliff signifies our talents and desires. Jump off that cliff into the unknown, or stand at the edge and forever wonder what could be. The leap guarantees one of two possibilities; fly or fall. But first we must jump.

So, overcome fear, and Step off that ledge! Follow your heart’s call. We are vessels created for the Glory of God, thus we cheat ourselves by living mediocre lives.

There will never be too much joy in the world, and everyone deserves it.



When God made you, He took extra time. He put a little bit more of everything that is good. Just a little more love, a little more grace, a little more patience, a little more kindness, a little more strength, a little more courage, a little more joy, a little more beauty.
I am blessed because you have a little more to give.

Your love is compared to none other. You are God’s blessing to this world, the vessel He chose to birth his creations. Mama, know that you were chosen by the Creator to be carrier of greatness for His glory alone. Your blessings know no bounds and generations are blessed to call you mama.
I am blessed because I’ve seen His greatness in you.

I have you today and I praise the God.
To your mama, and her mama, and her mama before her, to the mamas who have gone to be with He who calls all home to Him, I am honoured because through them, you came, and through you I am. And hopefully, someday I’ll be someone’s blessing.
I am blessed through you and those who came before you.

I pray I get to be half the mother you are, not just to the ones I birth, but to the world.
I pray that when you look at me, you feel just how grateful I am that God chose you for me.
I pray that it gives you peace to know that you answered the call to motherhood and gave your children your all.
I pray that your days may be filled with joy and laughter, surrounded – always, by the ones you call your own.

You are God’s gift to me, God’s gift to humanity.

We Should All Be Like Children

Have you been around a child? They are the freest creatures. They laugh aloud, cry aloud, think aloud, and are unafraid of their emotions. Their friends are spoons, the sofa, mommy’s high heels, daddy’s hat, or anything in their immediate vicinity that calls to them. They play with people/things everyone can see, as well as those no one can see. They spill things and wallow in the mess because it feels good. Children live in the present, they are creative, naive, innocent, and full of life and wonder. We should all be like children.

Why you ask? Consider this; adults worry all the time, mainly about things they cannot control. It’s almost pre-requisite to being a grown-up. They care about how others perceive them, which often influences their actions and reactions. They typically befriend people who hold the same values. They imprison their creativity and lock away their dreams because they live by the “responsible” taxpaying, bill-paying standards of societal acceptance. As a result, only 30 percent of the world reported a 6 or higher on a happiness scale from 0 to 10, according to the 2017 World Happiness Report.

That said, what must adults do? We should all be like children. Rich in wonder, doe-eyed at the world, and never afraid to feel. We should never stop inquiring, trying, imagining, trusting, and believing in the impossible. Imagine if we combine our advanced intellectual comprehension .

This is not a magic solution to world unhappiness, seeing as circumstances are usually more complex than flipping a switch. It is insensitive to trivialize grave world issues that cause pain and sadness in people’s lives. What this write-up hopes to establish is that if people saw life with a child’s eyes, living under less than ideal situations – often beyond our limitations – could become less burdensome. Lisa Rosas writes; “If we can learn to let go and not want to control all aspects in life, we can then feel freer.”

So, watch children’s cartoons, and read children’s books. Share, trust, forgive, and love wholly. Most importantly live in the moment. Growing old is inevitable, but growing up is a choice.


Greatness Unmasked

A faint glimmer of greatness. So faint it almost isn’t there. In fact, most days the rough around it masks it’s magnificence.

This particular day, I – frustrated, toss my hoe to the side, arch my back for relief, and curse every drop of sweat on my furrowed brow. “What do I plough so hard for? Is this hustle worth it?”

You can only find what you seek if you never stop seeking. You can only get where you’re going if you never stop moving.

I remember the one for whose glory I was created to live. I choose greatness, even if all I see is a faint glimmer.

This particular day, I – encouraged, pick up my hoe, smile with purpose and wipe with pride, the sweat on my furrowed brow. “I plough because I must fully unmask my magnificence. It must shine for the glory of He who made me.”

Summer is almost here – 5 steps to help you prepare

It’s almost time to flaunt those legs and abs. Hooray for beach season. Whether it’s travel, beach trips, block parties or barbecues, we all can’t wait! Before we do that, ladies and gentlemen, we have to prepare. Here are my top 5 steps to be sure you have an amazing Summer;

  1. Get your body right: If you’re yet to lose the pounds you gained eating holiday food, it’s now or never.  To turn heads at the beach this season, one must feel confident in their own skin. With just over one month left, it’s crunch time… squats, pushups, ab workouts, etc. Tone up for the Summer by setting fitness goals to achieve your desired beach body. Remember to pursue healthy and realistic goals and check with your doctor as necessary.
  2. Take care of your mind: What’s the point if you look great but don’t feel great? Your Summer might be less enjoyable if you are not completely healthy. Do activities to maintain your mental wellness. Meditate, sleep enough, avoid stressful situations and surround yourself with positive energy. This Harvard article suggests caring for your emotions, among other tips to keep your mind “young”.
  3. Plan your Summer activities: It’s easy to imagine fantastic summer nights with your best friends, creating memorable new experiences. However, if you fail to realize them, you’ll be wishing you could rewind time, come late August. Write down a list of the things you want to do, the people you’d like to do them with, and when. Be proactive and realistic about how much time you have for your Summer fun. Consider everything, and leave a little room for adventure/spontaneity.
  4. Make travel plans in advance: Traveling is always fun, but preparing for it hardly is. There’s so much to consider and it can become stressful. To avoid this, do not wait till the last minute to make necessary arrangements. This article on airhelp.com recommends two months in advance if you’re traveling internationally, and at least five months if you’ll be crossing national borders. Be sure to plan for lodging early as well to save yourself the unnecessary stress.
  5. Buy your summer apparel early: This seems trivial, but doing this could save you quite some money. A new season means a new wardrobe, and sometimes that can be costly. Buying your Summer apparel off season can be financially beneficial. Hunt down pre summer sales at your favorite shops. Places like Old Navy , T.J. Maxx. and Target feature fantastic styles at relatively low prices.

Now that you know what to do, let the Summer countdown begin!