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i USED to

I used to infuse you into my fantasy,

         A PHENOMENAL future.large
         One where we’d FLAUNT and FLOAT, on clouds of FINESSE,
         Our heads held HIGH in six-inch HEELS and HAUTE couture,
         And CONFIDENCE to make {them} quiver.
         I would be QUEEN and you would be QUEEN.
         Our REIGN would be indivisible,
and w
e would DOMINATE this world of money, men, and matters of the heart.


Key words; “used to, infuse you”.
The fantasy is the same, but void of you.

We Must Fight

I have a question….

Disclaimer: this question might be considered offensive to some folk.
P.S, it is not intended to spark hate or be offensive, it is intended to spark conversation…

Ok so here’s my question… If given the chance in today’s America or perhaps today’s world, for black people to enslave white people the way they did blacks during slavery, would Black people do it?

Our wounds are deep and our scars will never fade. The history can never be forgotten. But will hurting the ones who hurt us make the pain go away? Will holding on to this pain somehow make our struggles less of a burden?

This is what I say. I say the only way to beat racism is to take our wounds, our scars, our history, and make it beautiful. It’s to rise up to excellence and be majestic and unapologetic about who we are.

We are a people, stronger than chains or beatings, stronger than plantation farms or forced labour. Stronger than abuse or insult. We are strong even when we are at our weakest.

So while we can never forget who we are because we will carry our scars until the end of time, we can also not live in perpetual hate and limit our possibilities. We must not find every excuse to relive our torture, to blame, even though the blame is very justified.

We must wear our scars with pride, and March in strength to excellence, for the strong were born to fight!! We must fight!

Happy Fourth America!


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Diverse: The perfect way to EMPHASIZE difference while seemingly being accepting of it.

Diverse like who?

Like black or white? Like brown or pale? Like light-skinned or charcoal dark? Like heavy-set or skinny-bod? Like tall or small? Like smart or dumb? Like rich or poor?

Diverse like how?

Like Muslim or Christian? Like believers or atheists? Like church or club? Like Gospel or secular? Like priest or pastor? Like sinner or saved?

Diverse like when?

Like communism or capitalism, like democrat or republican? Like Monarchy or Anarchy?

Truth: The safety of the familiar, the skepticism of the diverse.

Chasing Peace, Love, Happiness… And Everything In-Between

When we are young, we are secure in the comfort of our parents’ love and protection (for those of us lucky enough).

Reality is living everyday as it is, saying what we feel and expressing whatever emotions we have in the moment.

But then we grow up and we dream. We do everything to chase those dreams, dreams that – for just about every average person, are roughly the same; Peace, love, happiness, comfort, success, and everything else in-between.

It’s a state of mind I’ve been told. You dream it, believe it, work for it and achieve it.

Everyone who says this is cheating our adult minds out of the realities that are intertwined with the pursuit of this dream, that may or may not be achieved.

If indeed it is achieved, there is a struggle to maintain it, and a fear of losing it. That is the truth; it’s a constant grapple.


Real life

Yes. We choose our day to day state of mind. We choose whether to let our struggles bring a smile to our hearts or sour us to the point where we sour others. But it’s a cycle.

Think of it this way; in this race, everybody is chasing the same things. No one’s actually winning or loosing. Some days others are ahead and other days, they are outrun. True happiness is understanding that as fully as possible.

About those dreams, keep on dreaming, but don’t get lost in it cause reality is a she-dog and she’ll yank you right back out to run this race we call life.


-Gabbie A.-