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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time
When humanity knew harmony
When people smiled and said ‘good morning’
When looks held love

When husbands respected their wives
When wives revered their husbands
When children obeyed their parents

When learning was a passion
When knowledge was pride
When books were treasures

When music was therapy
When words were lyrical
When movies were messages

When men were gentle
When women were classy
When children were innocent

When the forests were greener
When the seas were cleaner
When the air was purer

Once upon a time
When Paradise was Earth.

A Tale Of Time Wasted

tumblr_m4quq5xQl11qkxrtro1_500It’s 10:30 a.m. The babe woke me up this morning at 9. When he called, the phone vibrated so loudly under my pillow that I was startled out of sleep and almost into insanity.

Anyway, we talked for a while but he had to go to work. I’m sure you’re thinking “get to the point already”.

Well, I’ve been staring into my phone since that 25 minute conversation ended. Facebook, Youtube, and more Facebook.

In all that time, I’ve watched 1 music video and 1 velvet cake recipe video. I’ve seen serval photos, mulled over uncountable statuses, and above all, I’ve WASTED time.

That got me thinking…. is our generation really shackled to social media? Are we infinitely bound to a world painted so beautifully different than the reality that surrounds us?

In the time that I spent scrolling up and down my timeline, I could have read a book (currently reading ‘Americannah’ by Chimamanda Ngozi – you should read it. It’s… well, words can’t fully describe it’s brilliance). I could have gone for a jog (since I met the babe 10 months ago, I’ve gained ‘happy pounds’ as Dr. Oz calls them. I’m even developing a slight muffin top! I’VE NEVER HAD A MUFFIN TOP!!!!). Most importantly, I could have been working on my resumé so I can find a job (recent grad… p.s. job hunting is gruesome).

The point is; I spent time looking at other people’s impact on the world instead of getting up and doing something to make my own mark.

It’s crazy.

It’s a thing now: people spend a few precious morning hours in bed awake, just laying there chasing the virtual world. For those who can’t afford to stay in bed, they use poop time in the morning to do their share of the chasing.

I’m sure if we averaged all the morning hours lost just browsing aimlessly on the Internet, the world would be loosing an outrageously and insanely large amount of time.

So what does this mean? Is it good or bad? Will it get better or worse? I don’t know, I don’t know, and most likely worse thanks to evolution in technology.

I do know this; I’m still in bed now and it’s 11a.m. Writing this blog has been the only productive thing I’ve done this morning. Hopefully I don’t get dragged down the time sucking rabbit hole Facebook is calling ‘timeline’, after this little rant.


-Gabbie A.-