This was shot as supporting content for a friend’s music project. It’s shot and edited by me.

I made this all stock footage film for the 2020 Klecksography workshop organized by Rorchach Theatre in Washington DC.

Danielle Helena is a young musician who shot into recognition online after famed photographer Brandon Stanton (Humans Of New York) Posted her story.

For Charm TV

I host live events for Discover Baltimore, a show on Baltimore City’s Public Access Channel. Here’s a recent one celebrating Baltimore’s 291st Birthday.

I shot this for Baltimore’s 2020 farmer’s market opening day to capture the events and the effect of COVID.

Client Projects

I hosted and edited this for the annual Mission Ball charity fundraiser event organized by Generosity Global. Video was shot by my brother.

Here, I chat with Erika Akwo, cofounder Generosity Global about her new initiative Generosity Women.


I interviewed a Cameroonian actor Godisz Fungwa about the film Saving Mbango.On YouTube, I make short motivation videos and also produce a cinema-veritae style documentary series called Talk with Akanji, where guests discuss a personal story in hopes to inspire our audience. All content is shot, and edited by me. Find more such videos on my YouTube page; AkanjiI interviewed a Cameroonian actor Godisz Fungwa about the film Saving Mbango.
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