When God made you, He took extra time. He put a little bit more of everything that is good. Just a little more love, a little more grace, a little more patience, a little more kindness, a little more strength, a little more courage, a little more joy, a little more beauty.
I am blessed because you have a little more to give.

Your love is compared to none other. You are God’s blessing to this world, the vessel He chose to birth his creations. Mama, know that you were chosen by the Creator to be carrier of greatness for His glory alone. Your blessings know no bounds and generations are blessed to call you mama.
I am blessed because I’ve seen His greatness in you.

I have you today and I praise the God.
To your mama, and her mama, and her mama before her, to the mamas who have gone to be with He who calls all home to Him, I am honoured because through them, you came, and through you I am. And hopefully, someday I’ll be someone’s blessing.
I am blessed through you and those who came before you.

I pray I get to be half the mother you are, not just to the ones I birth, but to the world.
I pray that when you look at me, you feel just how grateful I am that God chose you for me.
I pray that it gives you peace to know that you answered the call to motherhood and gave your children your all.
I pray that your days may be filled with joy and laughter, surrounded – always, by the ones you call your own.

You are God’s gift to me, God’s gift to humanity.

Greatness Unmasked

A faint glimmer of greatness. So faint it almost isn’t there. In fact, most days the rough around it masks it’s magnificence.

This particular day, I – frustrated, toss my hoe to the side, arch my back for relief, and curse every drop of sweat on my furrowed brow. “What do I plough so hard for? Is this hustle worth it?”

You can only find what you seek if you never stop seeking. You can only get where you’re going if you never stop moving.

I remember the one for whose glory I was created to live. I choose greatness, even if all I see is a faint glimmer.

This particular day, I – encouraged, pick up my hoe, smile with purpose and wipe with pride, the sweat on my furrowed brow. “I plough because I must fully unmask my magnificence. It must shine for the glory of He who made me.”

Lost Compass

when will my heart know what it is that I was put here to accomplish
destiny wouldn’t be destiny if we had a way to decipher her
today i surrender to THE force beyond my puny comprehension,
that HE will serve tomorrow on my platter of hope for greater
today, i’m lost
i will find my compass soon
i pray

via Daily Prompt: Compass


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home of the brave;
like my mom an dad
who gave their livelihood
to buy my future
in your ‘greener’ pastures
land of the free
well that part is still a question

red white and blue
i’m glad i got to meet you

green red and yellow
lone central star
you birthed me, held me, taught me.
yet i left you for ‘greener’ lands

red white and blue
i’m glad i got to meet you

but on days as this
i miss the air that is home
the pitter-patter of my young heart
the feeling of belonging

oh red white and blue
though you treat me well
most times at least,
a piece of me is buried home
in green tropics
one star, one people
united by blood
under the generous sun



i USED to

I used to infuse you into my fantasy,

         A PHENOMENAL future.large
         One where we’d FLAUNT and FLOAT, on clouds of FINESSE,
         Our heads held HIGH in six-inch HEELS and HAUTE couture,
         And CONFIDENCE to make {them} quiver.
         I would be QUEEN and you would be QUEEN.
         Our REIGN would be indivisible,
and w
e would DOMINATE this world of money, men, and matters of the heart.


Key words; “used to, infuse you”.
The fantasy is the same, but void of you.

I Have No Words

I want to say so many things regarding black people and white police, brutality, racial profiling.

July 5th; Alton Sterling is shot, in the chest, at close range, while pinned to the ground by two officers.

July 6th, Philando Castile is shot, while his four-year-old daughter watches from the backseat of the car. His girlfriend streams his pain live for the world to see.

I have so much grief to express, so many tears I’ve shed.

But I have no words.

Here’s what a poet friend of mine; Jason Nkwain, wrote in response to these incidents.

Jason's Poem

And here’s art by Laolu Senbanjo, that tells a story. It’s the story of what today’s America is like for we blacks.

Laolu's Art

I’m left to grieve for the world, speechless. What can we do? What haven’t we done? What did we ever do?

-Gabriella Aka