Digital Talk Series

Talk With Akanji is a show that explores the stories of everyday people, to find out what makes their lives extraordinary. It is inspired by the popular photo series; Humans of New York, because I genuinely enjoy people’s stories, and I’m a firm believer that everyone has had an experience worth sharing, to benefit others positively.

The show currently airs on our YouTube channel. Mondays at 6:30 p.m. eastern time. Watch past episodes below.

Epsiode 12 featuring Alazar Z. – No Guarantee
Episode 11 featuring Tom – Keep Going
Episode 10 featuring Riflex – Tattoos
Episode 10 featuring Pierre – Raised in the underworld
Episode 9 featuring Akanji – Love my scars
Episode 8 featuring Kami – The funky episode.
Episode 7 featuring Cara -When you almost loose your mom to a heart problem.
Episode 6 feturing Nthanze – Leaving Home Sweet Home.

Episode 5 featuring Grace – She loves playing her parents’ favorite song.
Episode 4 featuring Sydney – Friend in Need – A story of loss and friendship.

Episode 3 featuring Yawoza – US Versus UK – From England to USA (Yawoza’s Take)

Episode 2 featuring Carlos – Learn a Little – A story of a racist encounter.

Premiere episode featuring Akanji – Fear Not Withstanding – A story of overcoming self doubt.

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