Don’t Cheat Yourself!

Most of us spend an awful lot of time, pondering what fulfillment in life means. Usually, it is a bland routine we have come to endearingly hate. Our lives are spent wishing we could be living life to our fullest potential, yet we stay in draining jobs, living miserably, constantly in anticipation for the next vacation.

Still, we fiercely protect this routine. If asked to answer the call in our hearts, next month’s rent immediately becomes our primary focus. Better to sacrifice our skills for the advancement of someone else’s vision, than give any attention to our own desires and goals.

My intention is not to undermine the value of stability. Yes, shelter and food are important for survival. The question becomes; do these needs render us petrified to listen to our own callings?

It is true that not every path is the same. Perfectly content employees do exist. They create fulfilling lives for themselves in service to others. It is equally clear that success is not measured by the size of one’s staff, wealth or ego. Success is measured by the joy our lives bring for us and others.

Therefore, evaluate yourselves by asking the right questions and examining your life honestly. Are you living your purpose? If the answer is yes, then bravo! If the answer is no, you are faced with a few choices.

Steve Harvey says at a given point in one’s life, we face a cliff. That cliff signifies our talents and desires. Jump off that cliff into the unknown, or stand at the edge and forever wonder what could be. The leap guarantees one of two possibilities; fly or fall. But first we must jump.

So, overcome fear, and step off that ledge! Follow your heart’s call. We are vessels created for the Glory of God, thus we cheat ourselves by living mediocre lives not in service to our life’s purpose.

There will never be too much joy in the world, and everyone deserves it.

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