When God made you, He took extra time. He put a little bit more of everything that is good. Just a little more love, a little more grace, a little more patience, a little more kindness, a little more strength, a little more courage, a little more joy, a little more beauty.
I am blessed because you have a little more to give.

Your love is compared to none other. You are God’s blessing to this world, the vessel He chose to birth his creations. Mama, know that you were chosen by the Creator to be carrier of greatness for His glory alone. Your blessings know no bounds and generations are blessed to call you mama.
I am blessed because I’ve seen His greatness in you.

I have you today and I praise the God.
To your mama, and her mama, and her mama before her, to the mamas who have gone to be with He who calls all home to Him, I am honoured because through them, you came, and through you I am. And hopefully, someday I’ll be someone’s blessing.
I am blessed through you and those who came before you.

I pray I get to be half the mother you are, not just to the ones I birth, but to the world.
I pray that when you look at me, you feel just how grateful I am that God chose you for me.
I pray that it gives you peace to know that you answered the call to motherhood and gave your children your all.
I pray that your days may be filled with joy and laughter, surrounded – always, by the ones you call your own.

You are God’s gift to me, God’s gift to humanity.

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