Summer is almost here – 5 steps to help you prepare

It’s almost time to flaunt those legs and abs. Hooray for beach season. Whether it’s travel, beach trips, block parties or barbecues, we all can’t wait! Before we do that, ladies and gentlemen, we have to prepare. Here are my top 5 steps to be sure you have an amazing Summer;

  1. Get your body right: If you’re yet to lose the pounds you gained eating holiday food, it’s now or never.  To turn heads at the beach this season, one must feel confident in their own skin. With just over one month left, it’s crunch time… squats, pushups, ab workouts, etc. Tone up for the Summer by setting fitness goals to achieve your desired beach body. Remember to pursue healthy and realistic goals and check with your doctor as necessary.
  2. Take care of your mind: What’s the point if you look great but don’t feel great? Your Summer might be less enjoyable if you are not completely healthy. Do activities to maintain your mental wellness. Meditate, sleep enough, avoid stressful situations and surround yourself with positive energy. This Harvard article suggests caring for your emotions, among other tips to keep your mind “young”.
  3. Plan your Summer activities: It’s easy to imagine fantastic summer nights with your best friends, creating memorable new experiences. However, if you fail to realize them, you’ll be wishing you could rewind time, come late August. Write down a list of the things you want to do, the people you’d like to do them with, and when. Be proactive and realistic about how much time you have for your Summer fun. Consider everything, and leave a little room for adventure/spontaneity.
  4. Make travel plans in advance: Traveling is always fun, but preparing for it hardly is. There’s so much to consider and it can become stressful. To avoid this, do not wait till the last minute to make necessary arrangements. This article on recommends two months in advance if you’re traveling internationally, and at least five months if you’ll be crossing national borders. Be sure to plan for lodging early as well to save yourself the unnecessary stress.
  5. Buy your summer apparel early: This seems trivial, but doing this could save you quite some money. A new season means a new wardrobe, and sometimes that can be costly. Buying your Summer apparel off season can be financially beneficial. Hunt down pre summer sales at your favorite shops. Places like Old Navy , T.J. Maxx. and Target feature fantastic styles at relatively low prices.

Now that you know what to do, let the Summer countdown begin!

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