Be Your Own Hero

Self motivation is underestimated. Too often, we rely on others to push us where we need to be, or we look on the success of others to serve as our inspiration. While this is encouraged, the bulk of our accomplishments will come as a result of our personal dedication and mental readiness to tackle the big plans our dreams lay before us.

I used to live vicariously through others. If someone was travelling the world, writing a book or releasing a new album, I would relish their accomplishments with a hint of jealousy and a deep feeling of longing,. I often ended up measuring my success to theirs. Mine never lived up!

Those moments did fuel a fire within me. I’d tell myself how I would conquer the world with the art I was created to create, I’d make mental plans and envision unmatched success.

The disappointing news is that though powerful and important, that external motivation was always short-lived. A little time would elapse and I’d be back to seeking more from those who already ‘made it’.

Someone smart once said doing the same things and expecting different results = insanity. So, I looked within myself and I realized that I’d based my personal growth on that of others. Something had to give, scratch that, something NEEDED to give!

I began to embrace my own growth no matter how slow, I began to enjoy the success of others, not just as fuel for my own fire, but as a genuine appreciation for how far God was bringing them. I started to seize my own journey, and remind myself that no one will walk my walk for me.

I cannot over state how life-changing this has been. This realization has polished not only my approach to grabbing destiny by the horns, but there’s a magical feeling of liberation that comes with it.

As much as we’d like it to be so, God did not put us on this planet to live another person’s life. We are each responsible for our own journies. You’d think this is a simple lesson, yet many – myself included, struggle with accepting this. Something needs to give!

All this to say Live Your Own Life, Be Your Own HERO.

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