Winter 2017: First Snowflakes

It recently snowed in my corner of Maryland, USA, where I live. The first flurries.  Nothing spectacular, only about 3 or so inches.  Yet, I couldn’t help the beauty of the snow-covered grass and the early morning sun. So, I took out my cameras and went snappin’ around my complex.

Look at the birds – I wish I knew what kind they were. I think they are ducks but I saw one fly and I know ducks don’t fly – right? Anyway, that’s beside the point. They add much character to this frame.

The white snow, the blue skies, the bare trees, the obscured building, the shadows, there’s nothing I don’t absolutely adore about this photo. The blend of color is breathtaking. Find the green in the photo if you can. 
When I saw this bird, I couldn’t help myself. I clicked away, desperately wanting to immortalize the beauty of that moment. Look at the reflection of home in the water. The skies are clear, sunrays glistening on the water. If you look closely, you can see snowflakes scattered around in tiny dots, from the gentle breeze that blew the trees. This photo makes me smile each time I look at it.
These photos were taken on a Sunday morning. To me, the birds epitomized the very essence of lazy Sunday. The colour layering is what drew me to this spot at the pond.

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