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I’m almost 26. These days, I can’t think that without cringing. I’m nervous. When did I get so ‘old’?

Saying this makes me wonder what people twice my age or older feel.


I think our 20s are the best years. I’m not saying this because I am in my 20s. I’m saying this because they are our safest yet most daring years, when we find and lose ourselves in the world, when as “adults”, we can run home to mom and dad if adult-ing gets too hard. This is the time when – if we’re lucky, we figure out who we really are.

I miss the simpler times, when  my 5-year-old self wanted to be anyone and anything when I grew up. At 25, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, and some would argue I already am a grown up.

That’s scary!

Age – they say, comes with wisdom. Why then, do I cringe at the thought of adding more experience to my life resume?

Because I’m human.

I – like most, wish I could skip the process and get to the wise old lady. That way, I’d already know if the choices I make today are the right ones. If only we watch a movie of our journey to old age.



2 responses to “Age-ing”

  1. I know that feeling. Right now Im like where did time go. At 27, I dont know what I would like to become either and time is passing by..


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