I used to worry about what everyone thought. I cared whether the people around me thought I was cool enough or funny enough or pretty enough to hang out with them. I cried when my friends made other friends and I didn’t matter anymore. I thought I was irrelevant.

Then I grew up. I moved to a new country.  I started doing relevant things like volunteering for the 2012 Obama Inauguration, or recording music in an actual music studio or driving my dad to the airport (I had always dreamed of doing that last one. I sure felt accomplished when I finally did). I made relevant friends, who didn’t need me to be cool enough or funny enough or pretty enough to love me for me.

So I made myself a promise. I will never let another person make me question my relevance. I will be the sole controller of my feelings of  self worth. I will treat others with the understanding that they matter just as much as I do.

All this to say; I am relevant. So are you.

The irrelevant ones are those who feel that they are relevant because they make others feel irrelevant.

Has this been an irrelevant rant?  …  I think not.


via Daily Prompt: Irrelevant

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