Self Love And Morality

These days, all young people want is to love themselves beyond societal pressures. I cannot count how many times I’ve heard a millennial say; “I’m empowered, I know what I want, I know who I am.” etc. We’re on social media wearing what we want, saying what we want, and loving who we want (including ourselves – if you know what I mean).

I’m not entirely adverse to these concepts. I do think that to some extent, we should all embrace ourselves and live fulfilling lives, reaching our full potential for success and happiness. We shouldn’t be constrained by the pressures of societal correctness. Embracing this ideology has given our generation a sense of self confidence that allows us to chase our dreams, take more risks and be our best selves.

Here’s where I start to question everything; most of the time, these concepts of self love and acceptance tend to deconstruct actions that were once taboos of societal morality, and turn them into acceptable or even normal behavior. The idea that we can commit taboos without feeling the guilt associated with our actions is what appeals to us young folk. We masturbate, dress suggestively, get high and ‘happy’, and we take pride in all of this – it’s who we are, and we’re convinced of it.

So, have we thrown in the towel on moral virtue? Or are we simply embracing our true human nature. Are we just being immoral, or is there even a standard of morality? Who made the rules anyway?

As a practicing Christian (i try), I know who made the rules and I know who I am. My identity is not defined by anyone but God. My self love comes from being secure in knowing that I do not have to embrace the vices that have now become the pillars of contemporary empowerment and self acceptance. My self love comes from knowing that I am a child of the Creator.

What is your standard of self love?


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