Job… I Need Job

It’s been almost three months since I graduated. I still don’t have a job. Slowly but surely, the time is creeping up on me and I’m watching the months add up.

At home I’ve become the cook, the cleaner, the washer, the baker, the one with absolutely nothing to do.

At first I loved it. I loved the break from school or anything important. I loved sleeping in, and only getting out of bed when I wanted to.

Now, I’ve gotten tired of having nothing to do but be a house maid. I want the American nine to five. I want to come home exhausted and talk about the most interesting thing that happened at work that day. I want to look forward to free weekends a paycheck that might have a comma in it every two weeks.

Worst part is that my right-out-of-college dream job is keeping me waiting. I’m in the worst part of the interview process, the part where they tell you “we’ll keep you posted”. It’s  been two weeks since I sat down with the interviewers from that organization. I think the interview went phenomenal – might I add.

Now I’m stuck waiting, afraid to continue my job search in hope that I will secure that position, yet feeling stupid for putting all my eggs in their basket.

Anyway, long rant short, I NEED A JOB ASAP!!!


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