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Waking Up Next To You

AS the bites frosted the tip of her ears,
AND as her eyes came awake to the eastern orange sunrise,
AND as the cool, almost-spring morning breeze kissed her cheekbones,
SHE thought of sinking her head into plush pillows that smell of the sweetest lavender.
SHE thought of the soft silk sheets swallowing her in king size comfort.
SHE thought of the feel of his strong arms wrapped around her,
THE covers that would seal them in that morning time,
THE warmth of him,
THE cloud of bliss,
THE heaven.


Breakthrough Dream


I had a dream last night. I think it meant something.

Enter dreamland…

I’m driving home from work on a Friday afternoon. There’s been a storm warning which because of the sheer stubbornness in me, I decide to ignore.

I drive my way through Southeast D.C without a hiccup. The clouds are gathering; dark clouds that cover the skies in nothing but a deep  somber grey. The sun is buried so far behind these large blobs of condensed water. It’s almost like we’ve seen its last ray.

I approach the John Phillip Sousa Bridge that crosses the Anacostia River.

John Phillip Sousa Bridge Southeast D.C

Now, the fog is so thick like tons of dirty grey cotton just sitting in the atmosphere. I find myself wishing I had a large pair of scissors and a miracle so I could cut through the cloudiness and find the other end of the bridge.

The winds are hurling at unbelievably high speeds, pushing back anyone who tries to defy the angry elements.

Feeling defiant, I press down on my accelerator in an attempt to brave the force of the wind. I’m barely a quarter of the way into the bridge when I realize that my Toyota Highlander Sport is the only car on the road in either direction. What are you thinking Gabriella? I turn around and drive back. Too late!

N.B: Because this is a dream, events may or may not be completely sensible.

Next thing I know, I’m several feet in the air, no car anywhere in sight, screaming my way down as I fall.

I get an areal view of the surface that awaits my landing. I can see the demarcation of the river and it’s banks. At this point, I’m hoping I’ve done enough good in my life to warrant a place in heaven. I cannot swim.

By some miracle, I land on the soft grounds by the river. It seems like a calculated landing, something straight out of a comic book, a super landing – if you will.

Humming a sweet tune, I peruse my surroundings to see how far away from the water I am. I missed the deep end by only a few feet. The pieces of land around the river bank have fresh farm produce, sprouting from the fertile soil.

The storm has disappeared. All is calm, and the sun is even peeking through from behind the slowly brightening clouds.

I approach a farmer and ask for the way back to the city.

“With a voice like yours, you should be going that way”, he says and points in the direction of a tiny road leading out of the cultivated land. I smile, wave and follow the single file of people heading the same way.

I had been humming this song:

Lauren Daigle performing How Can It Be

You plead my cause,
You right my wrong,
You Break my chains,
You overcome,

You gave your life,
To give me mine,

You say that I am free,
How can it be.

…Exit dreamland.

The song I was sin gong is a gospel song called How Can It Be by Lauren Daigle. It testifies to the amazing nature of God and his forgiviness. It fits perfectly. I’ve just been miraculously rescued by God, from what could have been a horrendous accident that ended my life (In the dream). What did I do to deserve saving? I am only a scarred, sinful human.

I recounted this dream to a close friend of mine to which he responded;

“You should be happy. I think you will have a breakthrough. If I were to interpret that dream I would say you were going through something and God saw to amend your situation in your favor.”

I believe.
I accept.
I receive.






How To Be An African Child: 27 Do-Nots

Here’s what I tried not to do as a child growing up in Cameroon.


  1. Do not – under any circumstance, talk back to your parents. 
  2. Do not take anything from your parents or older relatives with your left hand.
  3. Do not be left-handed. That hand gets slapped every time you attempt to use it.
  4. Do not be too needy.
  5. Do not complain.
  6. Do not get in fights.
  7. Do not ask for allowance. 
  8. Do not grumble. Take all punishment for wrong doing remorsefully, and in silence.
  9. Do not look anyone older than you in the eye. Look to the ground in respect.
  10. Do not keep any money received from relatives. Hand all money to parents.
  11. Do not address elders by their names. Refer to them as Auntie or Uncle (whether they are relatives or not).
  12. Do not throw away used containers or jars. They are for storage.
  13. Do not fail a test.
  14. Do not forget stuff.
  15. Do not play too much.
  16. Do not throw unnecessary tantrums in order to get what you want.
  17. Do not ask for too much. Take what you are given with gratitude.
  18. Do not pick a career choice other than Medicine, Law or Engineering. 
  19. Do not hide anything from your parents. They will find out.
  20. Do not sleep too much.
  21. Do not eat too much.
  22. Do not dodge a blow coming at you.
  23. Do not desire luxurious things that your friends might own
  24. Do not bring friends of the opposite sex to your house.
  25. Do not visit a friend’s home without permission.
  26. Do not stay at a friend’s house past sundown.
  27. Do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend.



Excuses they say, are the reason you can’t get what you desire.
Work hard, hustle, fight, find a way, they say. Or your failure is on you.
Yet reality laughs in your face.
Your lost Irish pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Environment and Nature, opportunity and luck. Birthright, Golden spoons.
The forces that be.
Some things were meant to belong to some people.
Others were born to keep trying.
Humanity is doomed to seek more than we can ever get.
It’s never enough
Don’t lose faith they say, Cause you just might be close to it.
Whatever IT is.
What’s the deal? We’ll all perish anyway, someday.
And It, will stay on this rotten planet.
And torment generation after generation of we who never lose faith.


When I First Saw You

You smiled.
I watched the dip form in your cheek.
I saw the flash of your pearly whites, parted by that God given gap.
I felt the twinkle in my eye, the rush of my heart , the tightening in my stomach.
I felt my own cheeks fold upward in an uncontrollable expression of what I would later come to recognise as the meeting of a soul with another, a union meant to be.
I had fallen.

saw you

Seeking You

praying-handsI seek your Grace Lord,
I acknowledge your Power.

Behold for his presence surrounds,
And I long to feel the Glory of God.
That I may fall to my knees in adoration,
And lift my voice in praise.

That sin may be forgiven,
And my slate made anew.
For the Messiah died that I may live.
My being would have no meaning
If the Lord took no pity upon my soul.

I am testament
Of His infinite love.
That His Mighty hand,
Pulled me out of satan’s grip.

So today, tomorrow and every day that He grants me,
Until I join Him in His Kingdom,
I will choose God;
The Father,
The Son,
The Holy Spirit.



I Am

I am Woman
Fashioned from his rib,
Yet carried his greatness inside me.
I am Woman
I am Black
Skin like soot, mocked and ridiculed,
Yet stronger, richer, in culture and beauty.
I am Black
I am Africa
‘Home of the monkeys’ they say,
Yet find their wealth beneath my soils.
I am Africa
And you who questioned me
Who are you?