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Hi, I’m Akanji, seeker of purpose.

As a multi-creative, focusing on one thing has often been tough for me. With that in mind, this space is where I’ll navigate my journey finding purpose in my experiences and encounters. I’m doing all the things and learning as I grow. Welcome to all of it!


Starting at 30…

We’ve all felt stuck. Could be a job that we wish we could quit to pursue a passion that burns in us, or the nagging feeling of mediocrity, imposter syndrome, or whatever negative feeling, that plagues even the most “successful” people. For me, it is the weight of finding purpose…

Penny for my Thoughts?

  • Love and Understanding – CHAPTER 2

    The third time they ever saw each other, he put his head on her shoulder, someone he barely knew. He was shocked by his reflexive display of obvious attraction, to her. She noticed because he quickly removed his head when consciousness caught up with him. their thighs had given it away as the sat next…


  • Everything

    everything is art.art is life.life is divine.divine is loveLove is God.God is everything. – Akanji


  • Discovering Confidence

    I walk in, dressed like Spring would if it had a job interview. I’m wearing a multi-coloured floral jumpsuit and my blazer is bright orange. My 6 inch pumps are wine red and my earrings are rainbow tassels…


  • Say ‘No’ and be OK with it

    If you’re like me, you allow the needs of others to take precedence over yours. You are less likely to say ‘no’ even when necessary, for fear of hurting feelings or being ‘mean’. As I age, I’m learning that saying ‘no’ is an integral piece of personal growth. This year, it’s one of my many…


Current Favourites…

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